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Shipping Starter

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Shipping Starter

I recieved an Amish Friendship Bread starter from a friend of mine.  I live on the East Coast of the USA and would like to send some starters to my family on the West Coast.  What is the best way to ship the starter to them?  I am thinking in tupperware using a 2 day method like Priority Mail.  Has anyone shipped starters to friends or family in the past?



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Making it firm and feeding a lot whould probably make it surivive. With feeding a lot I mean something like quadroupling it or similar.

Drying is easier to ship but you will have to check if the starter surivived drying before shipping.

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I purchased my seed starter from KA. They shipped it UPS Ground (2-day?) in a small plastic jar with a screw-on lid. (I'd describe it as a "specimen jar", but we don't want to go there!) It was a pretty wet starter and was only a few ounces. I had to double it a couple of times before I got to my permanent starter.