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Sesame Seeds on Top of Bread

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Sesame Seeds on Top of Bread

Love baking bread and recently discovered that we like to have sesame seeds on the top of the dough but most falling off before and after baking. Thought to cover the top of the dough with an egg but it makes the crust kind of too hard.

Any other tip here?





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Ilya Flyamer

You are not alone, they toast up just perfectly on the bread and add an addictive flavour.

I roll the bread a bit in the seeds before proofing, and they stick quite well in the banneton. There is always some loss. Depending on the type of bread and how you bake, egg wash might not e an option, but otherwise it's a good way to make things stick.

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Yes some will always fall off when slicing the baked loaf.  They will attach a bit better I find if the dough surface is a bit damp prior to rolling the dough in the seeds.  You can brush a bit of water on with a pastry brush or roll the dough on a damp towel prior to rolling the dough in the seeds.


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Chain Baker put the sesames seeds before the bulk proof in the fridge and applied more on the top of the dough before baking. Because of this unique way, you get a loaf covered with sesames seeds and have no waste of the seeds falling off.

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My thanks to all, it helps a lot


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I've had good results using a cooked cornstarch glaze (potato starch also works well).

Just before putting the loaves in the oven, brush the loaf tops with the wash using a pastry brush and sprinkle on the sesame seeds.


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Like others, my loaves are rolled in toppings just after shaping. I usually make batards and use water, if needed to prevent it sticking to the granite countertop. This insures the dough is well moistened to grip the toppings while transferring to the parchment. If any areas look bare after proofing, the loaf is spritzed with water and additional topping are pressed in before slashing.