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Proof is in the crumb

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Proof is in the crumb


First attempt at seeded sourdough, would you say the proof on this is okay? My shaping and scoring needs a lot of work but I just want to get bulk fermentation right first.

Recipe is tartine’s country bread with some of the water taken back to make a seed soaker. It’s really cold here so bulk fermentation was about 7 and a half hours after the autolyse. Really appreciate the feedback!

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what kind of seeds did you use? i ask because chia (and i think also flax, maybe some others) absorb a lot of water. so, if you replace some of the original recipe’s water with the seed-soaking water, you may end up with effectively a lower hydration dough.


if you were wanting/expecting a more open crumb, you could consider whether the seeds are binding up water. if your seed soaker was a jell-like mass, rather than just seeds sitting in water, that would be a clue.


but, to me, the proof level looks pretty good, nothing that looks like obvious under-fermentation (but i’m less expert than many on this site! maybe someone else will weigh in on that.).