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Bread for hiking/camping using a steamer?

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Sid Post

Bread for hiking/camping using a steamer?

I camp and hike a lot and would like some biscuits and bread occasionally.  I can steam with some of my Titanium cookware and wonder if that would be an option for some biscuits or breads on the trail.

I am pretty flexible on the specific bread or biscuit type as long as it is reasonably easy to make from a backpack.  Quick yeast breads?  Or, only yeast in the mornings after a long night?  Biscuits with baking powder?  Or anything similar ...

TIA, Sid

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Look up "steamed buns" or "steamed cake." I made steamed buns a long time ago with baking powder. They came out fine, the texture is different though. So try it before you go. Do you have a cast iron pan? You can cook anything in those, and you only need one. They are heavy though unless you get one of the FryBake pans. I don't camp, but I saw them recommended on a camping subreddit a few times. If you can keep your stuff cold, you could try the no-knead type of yeasted bread that is meant to be able to sit for a few days.

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Seems like exercise in frustration to be honest.   The main challenge I see is a steady supply of energy (heat).  It's a question of effort vs reward.  Personally the effort/reward ratio doesn't seem high enough to me.    

Try it, and report back to let us know how it went.  Biscuits (Bisquick) seems like an easier option on the question of recipe. 

I like to hike and camp, and bake.  But I do not see enjoyment in the idea of baking out of a backpack.  

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Do you make/eat rye bread? Unless you enjoy making bread in the wilderness, it might be easier to take a loaf of high % rye bread (longer shelf life) with you than to make bread while you're camping.


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I used to make damper (the bread type) and a steamed tea cake both are awesome when camping or hiking.

Tea cake  - was steamed on my little trangia with its alcohol burner - nothing fancy.  Just sit the small bowl inside the larger and place something in the base of the large bowl to lift the small one up slightly to leave enough space for water.   Lid of top and keep the flame as small as possible. Only needed to top up the water once or twice.

Damper is great as it is so basic but really needs that low constant all over heat of coals or hot sand.  Not everywhere allows you to make a fire so its use is limited.   When hiking this is great as needed equipment and ingredients are super simple don't add to your load. 

If you have milk and butter, scones are the go, if no milk, then a ginger water biscuit.

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Sid Post

Thanks for the ideas and general thoughts as well.  Looking at tea cakes got me to soda breads.  Will stout beer really activate baking soda for "Irish soda bread"?

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Although I thought this link was interesting:

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Sid Post

Not sure why, but it looks like may have missed this reply previously.

That link looks very interesting!