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"Bloomin' Onion-style crust

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"Bloomin' Onion-style crust

I admit to a bit of Oven Spring Envy when I see some loaves where the cross-cut crust really peels back like, well, one of those "Bloomin' Onion" plates, or perhaps like a lily in full bloom. 

It might be a gimmick and even impractical for purposes of slicing, but it is fun to give a loaf to somewhere where the crust is so pronounced. 

I am attaching a photo of two loaves -- both done at the same time and in exactly the same way. One is close to what I am seeking, the other the crust stayed plastered to the crumb. 

What is the trick to getting that dramatic crust look? More surface tension during shaping? Less surface tension? Something else?

(I ask here because on Facebook most people say "Looks great" or "Who cares."  Thanks for any experience you can offer.