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20221028 100% whole-wheat pumpkin bread with CLAS

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20221028 100% whole-wheat pumpkin bread with CLAS

Please see here and here to learn more about concentrated lactic acid sourdough (CLAS). 




This pumpkin bread is made with fresh 100% white whole-wheat flour. Pumpkin puree makes up approximately 85% of the liquid in the bread.

No egg or butter is used. Instead, mascarpone cheese is used to achieve a "cleaner" pumpkin taste.  

It is slightly sweetened; a touch of cinnamon, freshly grated nutmeg, and freshly ground cloves are also added to compliment the pumpkin flavor.

It is served with whole milk, flavored with Michael's Tiramisu 👍👍👍espresso-liqueur mixture.





10% white whole-wheat flour from WW CLAS👇👇👇

15% water from WW CLAS

90% fresh white whole-wheat flour, ground by Vitamix

10% sugar



71% pumpkin puree



1.5% salt

0.5% gold yeast



10% whole-milk powder

0.5% cinnamon powder

0.05% freshly grated nutmeg

0.05% freshly ground cloves



10% mascarpone cheese



10% pumpkin puree



toasted pumpkin seeds for topping


Total dough weight ~ 1140g w/o seeds

Total flour 500g



by Zojirushi bread machine

1. +A, start the machine

2. gradually +B until a dough forms; continue to mix

3. +C, continue to mix to incorporate and develop gluten

4. once the dough gains strength, +D, mix to incorporate them fully

5. gradually +E, mix to fully incorporate

6. gradually +F until the dough can barely absorb more puree



32C x 120mins, or until the dough doubles



with wet hands

fold the dough ~4-6 times into a log

sprinkle G all over the log

place the log into a 9x4x4 Pullman lined with parchment slings

spritz with water 

loosely cover the top with parchment or foil



33-34C x 45mins



cold oven w/o stone

place the Pullman in a granite turkey roaster

cover the roaster with the lid, place the roaster in the oven

set oven to 400F; the oven has come to temperature after ~22 minutes

lower to 375F, x 30mins

unmold, place the bread directly in contact with the granite roaster, and then put the roaster's lid on

375F x 15mins




👉👉👉How to make whole-wheat CLAS


 ground wheat malt: 25g

 Whole grain wheat flour: 75g

 Water T. 45°C: 140 ml

 Vinegar (5% acidity): 10 ml

 Fermentation temperature: 38°C±2°C

 Fermentation time: 24-36h

 Hydration: 150%

 End pH: around 4


To refresh wheat CLAS

1:7 (wheat flour in CLAS: new wheat flour), no vinegar needed

150% hydration@38+-2 C x 12 hours


I usually set up a water bath (~low 40s C) in the Instant Pot, support the container with a trivet, and use the Instant Pot's yogurt feature to make CLAS:   


Then cover it with the lid.






How I develop gluten for whole wheat dough 







Steam the pumpkin under high pressure in the Instant Pot for 30 minutes, or until it's softened to your liking 

       pumpkin puree            Ta-da!       Served with whole milk, flavored with Michael's Tiramisu espresso-liqueur mixture    



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Beautiful loaf and love the use of the pumpkin seeds with it!  Thank you for the detailed instructions on the CLAS too.  Have this one bookmarked!

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My family loves it!👏👏👏


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That looks amazing Yippee and I bet it tastes wonderful too.  I love how well covered the loaf is with the pumpkin seeds, must add such a nice crunch to the crust.  


Yippee's picture

You are right, the seeds do add a nice crunch. I just realized that pumpkin seeds taste much better in bread than sunflower seeds, which aren't as crunchy and always seem to have some rancid taste, even though they're toasted and/or super fresh. I may not add them to my bread anymore.

I like using a lot of puree because the pumpkin flavor is really nice. I will definitely make this bread again, but next time I will experiment with slightly different %s and mixing times, etc., to see if I can improve it.


jo_en's picture

This bread feels like a "beyond" version of pumpkin bread!

I had been wondering about how to get cheese into a loaf, and this one enhanced with pumpkin 

and spices will be great to try.

Thank you for all the detailed instructions and even showing that a cold oven start works-what a BONUS!!

This is another recipe for the clas recipe deluxe collection!

I especially like the picture of the slice with coffee in the (morning?) shade . :)

Yippee's picture

Ian's blog (isand66) is a great place to find cheese bread recipes; I add cheese to my bread less often than he does.

I'm playing with the pumpkin recipe and hope to improve it.

Yes, it was in the morning. Glad you liked it.