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Bleached flours?

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Joe Fisher

Bleached flours?

Does anyone use bleached flours to make their breads? I've stayed away from them in the past, mostly because it seems like one more artificial thing I don't need done to my flour.

However, my local Costco has 50# bags of bleached AP flour for $4.49, and bleached bread flour for $10. I would LOOOOVE to be able to take advantage of this kind of deal.

Thanks in advance,


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I have used bleached flour for breads before. In my personal opinion, it works well enough for flavoured/ sweet breads and buns leaven with baker's yeast.
I find that sourdough don't work very well in these flours, and also, for artisan breads, i think unbleached's better.

Btw, i like the smell of unbleached flours better too. :)