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sourdough croissants

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buns of steel

sourdough croissants

Anyone made 'em? I was going to make the ones from Dan Leader's book, but the 1 tablespoon of commercial yeast raised an eyebrow...


Does anyone have a recipe they're satisfied with?  How were they?  I'm hoping it will be worth the effort!  Any comments or advice appreciated!

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Hi! It's definitely on my list of things to do and when I do make them, I'll definitely make them WITH yeast because I don't want the tangy taste to develop and I don't want to wait a total of ten hours to rise. The yeast with give a lighter texture as well. A lot of sourdough lovers are anti mixing yeast and sourdough, but I find that in certain recipes it a real advantage. You may say, then why use sourdough? Well, it changes the texture and taste... in a nice way.

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HI I made these croissants from Dan Leaders book two weeks ago.  The were ok but I must admit that my favorite croissant receipe comes from Julia Childs "baking" with Julia.  The were simply the best I've made to date!


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Hmm, I must take another look at that book, because croissants are my very favourite bread, though I don't eat them more than once or twice a year.