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Ken Forkish’s new book EVOLUTIONS IN BREAD

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Ken Forkish’s new book EVOLUTIONS IN BREAD


I bought Forkish’s new book Evolutions in Bread, since his first one W,F,S,Y has been my bible on making sourdough breads with excellent results every time I thought it was worth trying this new one.

The first thing I noticed is the change in the method to mantain/feed the starter. No more wasting pounds of flour by discarding huge amounts of starter at every feeding, even when I had quickly made my own modifications of the quants in his first book so not to waste so much I think it is good that he listened to people’s comments about it and came up with this new way of doing it.

I also like the fact that almost all of the recipes in this book will work whether they are baked in a loaf pan or in a Dutch Oven.

So far I’ve made only one of the breads, the Multigrain Bread, and I’m pretty happy with the flavor and crumb. Here are some photos.

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Nice looking loaf.


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I have made several loaves in Forkish’s latest book and have also made the Levain. All great so far!

I’m wondering if anyone knows what EIB stands for in a loaf from chapter 7 (Dutch-Oven Levain Recipes). It’s called “Country Bread, EIB-Style.”

Thank :-)

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EIB - Evolutions in Bread?

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Of course!

EIB = Evolutions In Bread!

How silly of me!


Thank You 👍

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I’ve made a few of the pan loaves in the book, and while the interior is great, often the crust is very hard. I suppose I could try reducing the oven temperature or steaming the oven, but is anyone else having the same experience?  Thanks. 

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I do find the crust quite crunchy, but honestly its what I like about the breads.