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More Newbie Type Questions

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More Newbie Type Questions

Hi All

I was wondering, if you're baking sourdough in a DO , does it make a difference whether your oven is on convection mode or not?  I don't like using convection for most things because strangely enough, I find it bakes more uneven, but for sourdough it does get my oven preheated faster. I have an oven thermometer in there to keep track of the temp.  and as soon as the temperature is reached I load the dough and turn it to regular bake.  I was thinking of just leaving it on convection.  

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Depends on where you have the DO and your oven heating element locations (top, bottom, both), but the convection does help even out the oven temp.  I have my baking stone low in the oven and try to measure the temp of the stone by placing a thermocouple right on it.  I keep my fan off because I don’t use a DO.  It takes about 2.5-3x as long for the stone temp to get to the oven controller temp.  Oven shows I’m preheated to 465 deg in 20ish minutes, but takes 60ish minutes for stone to get there.  However, if I go longer than 60 minutes, the oven temp still says 465 deg, but my stone temp keeps going up.  Try it with fan on and off and SS what you get? 👍