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Bread Bags

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Bread Bags

 I was just searching the archives to see what people might be using for their bread when giving it out as gifts to friends.  Unfortunately I didn't find any new solution to my problem.  The bags that I have found, for baguettes, are too long for the half loaves I bake in my home oven and look a little silly in the longer bags.  What I have been using is wine bottle bags - very plain but just about the right size.  I tried to buy some from a local liquor store but the clerk didn't know what to charge so he just gave me a bunch.  I looked on-line for a similar bag and haven't found any quite as well sized as the ones at the liquor store.  So, until I can find a better source I guess I'll continue to buy wine, and take a few extra bags to go.

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I sometimes use the wine bottle bags I get in Trader Joe's.  But I wonder how food-safe they are.  I don't know if they are intended to be in direct contact with food.



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That is a good idea.

For crusty loaves, I use whatever sized paper bag I happen to have around. For moister loaves, I use old plastic bags from store-bought bread.

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I had the same problem so I just took pinking shears and cut the tops off the bags to suit my loaf.

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There was another recent discussion of this topic. Some one shared the following source for bread bags:

The problem is they sell them in cases of 500, although the price seems reasonable.


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I sell bagels at the local farmer's market and I found that a good source for plastic bags that will fit any size bread you may want can be found at