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Another attempt at Forkish's OCB (Edit 08-30 : Added another loaf)

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Another attempt at Forkish's OCB (Edit 08-30 : Added another loaf)

Forkish's Overnight country blonde - FWSY

108g starter

13g T150 (whole wheat)

402g T65 (wheat)

25g T110 (rye)

301g water

11g salt


  • 12% less water than in original recipe

  • 6h bulk fermentation at 75°F (24°C) / Shaping / 2h50 proof in the fridge (for convenience) and 40 mn at ambient temperature (24°C).

  • 4 stretches and folds during the first hour of bulk fermentation.

  • 30 mn in dutch oven lid on / 12 mn lid off.

  • Even if it was baked seams on the top, I still scored the loaf, hence the weird patterns.

Does the bread seem overproofed or underproofed ? Is it possible to get more rise / more airy crumb ?

Thanks !


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A very nice bake indeed!

Not sure if under or over but certainly looks delicious. 

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Always aiming for a better rise and airier crumb, but it will come with experience now ;)

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just to say that that looks beautiful to me.


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I like the way it bakes seams on top

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