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Trouble shooting crumb

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Trouble shooting crumb

Hi, looking to get better oven spring and a more open crumb? Not sure what happened to this loaf.


  • 300g Bread flour

  • 210 g Water
  • 50g Wholewheat flour

  • 70g 1:1 Starter at Peak

  • 7g Salt


  1. Mix everything and leave for a hour.

  2. 2x Stretch and folds + 1 Coil fold spaced by 30 minutes

  3. Bulk fermented until risen by 50%. Took about 4 hours in my oven with the light on. I had to go out and it may have risen to more like 60-70%

  4. Pre shape and sit for 20 minutes.

  5. Final shape, into banniton and stitched.

  6. Cold retard overnight

  7. Baked in dutch oven @ 250 C. Cut open after it cooled down.

My suspicions:

  • Overproofed?

  • Dough was wet and harder to handle. I may have worked out the bubbles handling the dough?

  • Still trying to figure out my oven. My breads take longer than an hour to bake a lot of the time but I thought I had it figured out following so great open crumbs recently. Those were lower hydration loaves however and I rose to 25% during bulk fermentation.

Any tips would be appreciated!

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Mini Oven

:)    Recipe reads a bit dry (cough, cough.)

 Maybe a bit more deflating before shaping and possibly a smaller and taller banneton.  The shoulders are cut off the picture but they seem to be nicely rounded. Scoring the top can cause or contain spread.

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Hi oops forgot to add, it was 210g water :)

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Mini Oven

How about slipping in a kneading step after step  1)  to develop gluten better?  
Try kneading with slightly wet hands.

Or.  Might also want to up the starter (30g) to 100g more in line with a 1,2,3 sourdough recipe. Lots of write ups here using that formula. 

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It's posts like this that make me realise I still got a lot to learn ;)

I would be pretty happy with a loaf like that. Not over the moon, but happy aanyway

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You might want to share how much water was used for this dough.

Your description of the dough handling does make it sound like it was either overhydrated or over-fermented or a bit of both.  More info needed.


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It was 210g water :)

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If I did the math right that's 64% hydration. Could be overproofed but if you shaped/preshaped really tightly, that might be an issue too.