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98th bake. 08/11/22. WW, rye, BF, starter, malt, IDY.

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98th bake. 08/11/22. WW, rye, BF, starter, malt, IDY.

Aug. 11, 2022. 98th bake.

Added some ground "chocolate rye malt."  I.E., malted rye that was roasted to a dark color and has a chocolatey almost coffee-like aroma/flavor. Purchased, as whole kernals, from a home-brewing supply store, then ground in a coffee/spice grinder.  (It's malted/roasted so it is not as hard on the grinder as raw kernals.)

Otherwise, close to the same formula as previous loaf, except I left out the ground flax/chia in the dough, and left out the seed topping. Also used all hard-white-spring-wheat for the WW instead of mostly hard-red-winter-wheat, as I was running low on the latter.

Trying real hard to wait until tomorrow before eating any.


The following was mixed together prior to kneading it into the above: 

  • 30 g 100% hyd. starter, made with bread flour. 
  • 50 g spring water. 
  • 7.0 g bread spice.*
  • 76 g whole rye flour, home milled. 
  • 20 g Gold Medal bread flour. 
  • 1/8 tsp Fleschmann's instant dry yeast. 
  • Kneaded the above, as a dough, a little bit at a time, into the soaker from 12:03 pm to 12:13 pm.

Total flour:  226 + 24 + 15 (from starter) + 76 + 20 = 361. 
% WW: 226 / 361 = 62.6%. 
% Whole grain: (226 + 24 + 76) / 361 = 326 / 361 = 90.3%. 
% white flour:  (15 + 20 ) / 361 = 35 / 361 = 9.7%. 
% regular rye flour: 76 / 361 = 21%. 
% total rye: (24 + 76) / 361 = 100 / 361 = 27.7%. 
% roasted rye malt: 24 / 361 = 6.6%.


  • 12:59 pm kneaded some. 
  •   1:59 pm kneaded some. 
  •   2:50 pm kneaded some. 
  •   4:06 pm panned in a greased and dusted (melted Crisco & durum semolina) Lodge cast iron loaf pan, 4LP. 
  • 5:13 pm covered with aluminum foil, baked in Ambiano brand toaster oven set to 400 F, (pre-heated to 450 F), oven set to use both top and bottom heating elements ("toast" mode).
  • There is a 9" round pizza stone sitting on top of the metal guards of the lower elements, but underneath (and not touching) the oven rack. The stone does not touch the heating elements. Being round, it does not cover the entire heating elements, maybe 3" of each one. This is enough to shield the bottom of the loaf pan from direct radiant heat of the lower elements. The loaf pan sits on the oven rack, a fraction of an inch above the stone. 
  • 5:30 pm rotated 180 degrees. 
  • 5:36 pm uncovered, and turned off top heat so that only bottom heat would be used, ie "bake" mode.
  • 5:47 pm turned back on top heat, so that top and bottom elements come on as needed.
  • 5:58 pm took out. Inner temp 208.5 F. Called it done. 
  • Let it cool for 2 hours. Then sealed in plastic bag.
  • Cut into it next morning. Beautiful crumb. Nice thin soft crust. Tastes good, but a hint of bitterness. Perhaps too much malt.


* Bread spice formula:  Starting out with whole dry raw seeds, by volume, 1 part anise, 1 part fennel, 2 parts caraway, 4 parts coriander. (Whole coriander is light and hollow.)  Toast the seeds in a dry (no oil) frying pan until fragrant.  Let cool.  Grind in a coffee/spice grinder. 








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That looks really good!  Agree fully on the difficulty waiting to make that first slice.  :-)

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Wow, what a difference the dark roasted ("chocolate") rye malt makes. Compare above crumb photo to the previous:


It did add a hint of bitterness, so I need to reduce it a bit.

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26 hours out of the oven, and it tastes better. Either I got used to it, or the flavor improved.  No moisture loss as the previous loaf.  I wonder if the previous loaf's bag was not properly sealed.

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Wow that chocolate rye malt really bakes the crumb a gorgeous dark rich colour Dave, really nice bake.


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That must be delicious! The crumb looks moist and the Brotgewürz must add another the dimension to the flavor.

I have only used chocolate rye malt once in a bread, the Pumpkinseed Rye form The Rye Baker. It used only 1.8% chocolate rye malt and was almost as dark as your loaf. It did also have 64% medium rye and 5% coarse rye meal that also contributed to the color. I did not notice much bitterness at that level of malt.

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I'll try red rye crystal malt next.