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94th bake. 07/29/2002. Pan loaf, home-milled, IDY.

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94th bake. 07/29/2002. Pan loaf, home-milled, IDY.

July 29, 2022.  94th bake.

  • 250 g, home-milled Prairie Gold, hard white spring wheat. 
  • 50 g home-milled, generic hard red winter wheat. 
  • 3.0 g table salt + Himalayan pink salt. 
  • 3.0 g Morton Lite Salt. 
  • 242 g water. 
  • Mixed. 
  • 15 g water kneaded in. 
  • Let rest 1 hour. 
  • 35 g water kneaded in. 
  • 35 g water kneaded in. 
  • Let rest 1 hour. 
  • 50 g Gold Medal bread flour with ... 
  • 1/2 tsp instant dry yeast, kneaded in.
  • Let rest 90 minutes.
  • Kneaded in 1 tsp of bread spice, and about 2 tbsp gound flax/chia mix.
  • Let rise about an hour. I did not keep track of time.
  • Warmed a Lodge cast iron loaf pan, and coated inside with Crisco. Forgot to dust it with durum semolina. 
  • Poured/scraped very loose dough into pan. 
  • Let rise about 30 minutes. 
  • Started the pre-heat of the toaster oven to 450 F, using both top and bottom heating elements.  There is a 9" round pizza stone on top of the metal guards of the lower elements, but underneath (and not touching) the oven rack. The stone does not touch the heating elements.  Being round, it does not cover the entire heating elements, maybe 3" of each one. This is enough to shield the bottom of the loaf pan from direct radiant heat of the lower elements. The loaf pan sits on the oven rack, a fraction of an inch above the stone.
  • Added untoasted brown sesame seeds to top of loaf.
  • Let rise about another 15 minutes, until almost at top of pan. (45 minutes total for final proof.) 
  • Loaded pan in toaster oven. Lowered temp to 350 F and used only bottom heat. 
  • Baked 15 minutes. 
  • Increased temp to 400 F and baked another 20 minutes. 
  • Internal temp was only 190 F, so baked another 10 minutes. 
  • Internal temp was then 206 F. 
  • Loaf came out of pan easily.


The loaf tasted good, and the crumb was moist, soft, and even. But the top crust was a bit pale, so perhaps a bit over-proofed. The crumb was cake-like as my previous IDY pan loaf.

The flour had a lot of grit, and the grit took too long to dissolve into the dough, so I ran the remaining white wheat and red wheat flour through the Vitamix some more.  I left the rye flour as is.

The thing with using  a Vitamix to make flour, at least with the regular container/blades, is that the flour is not as uniform as a stone mill.  So it wasn't all grit, but you have to let it run long enough to reduce the size and quantity of grit particles.