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93rd bake. 07/23/2022. WW, durum semolina, IDY.

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93rd bake. 07/23/2022. WW, durum semolina, IDY.

July 23, 2022.  93rd bake.

240 g Bob's Red Mill stone ground whole wheat.

66 g durum semolina (the gritty stuff), Swad brand from Patel Brothers.

44 g Gold Medal bread flour.

3.0 g table salt.

3.0 g Morton Lite Salt.

1 tsp Fleischmann instant dry yeast.

261 + 8 + 9 + 8 + 10 = 296 g bottled spring water.

Mixed, rested, kneaded a little, stretch and folds, kneaded.  I didn't keep track of time.  

I should have soaked the durum semolina separately in advance. The grittiness seemed to interfere with the cohesion of the dough and development of gluten.

After a while I kneaded in 3/4 tsp of regular olive oil, and 3/4 tsp of grapeseed oil.

I kind of guessed when bulk was done.

Folded/shaped into a log, and put into a Lodge cast iron loaf pan that had been greased with Crisco and dusted with durum semolina. 

Pre-heated toaster oven, and let dough proof until it was domed just slightly over the top of the pan.

This was the perfect amount of dough for this pan.

Baked at 350-375 F, for 35 to 40 minutes until the top looked done. Internal temp was 205 F.

It came out good.  Crumb was moist,  and a bit cake-like.  So it likely did need some more  kneading and/or  more pre-soak to dissolve the grit sooner, and so more gluten could then be developed.

I was too lazy to take photos.