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First Street Flours from Smart and Final Stores - Protein (Gluten) Levels

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First Street Flours from Smart and Final Stores - Protein (Gluten) Levels

Smart and Final is a chain of grocery stores in Western states, mostly in California. They tend to sell more bulk items than typical grocery stores. I assume that the larger quantities are targeted at small "mom and pop" businesses and restaurants as well as ordinary consumers. Their house brand is "First Street". First Street unbleached white flours are a good value for me. I buy either the bread flour or the high gluten flour in 25 pound bags for the best value. Lately I have been buying the high gluten flour. I have not decided which of the two flours would be better to keep on hand for general bread making. (Sorry, but King Arthur flours are a luxury.)

I wrote to Smart and Final the other day, and learned the protein (gluten) levels of their flours. The protein levels are a direct quote from Smart and Final Customer Relations, in an email dated 30 June 2022:

First Street Flour Protein (Gluten) Percentages - Response from Smart and Final Stores:

High Gluten -
Protein 12.8% - 13.2%, target is 13%

Bread Flour - 
Protein* 12.0% +/- 0.2%
(May vary depending on crop for current year)

All Purpose - 
Protein* 11.3% +/- 0.3%
(May vary depending on crop for current year)

I also asked for the name of the mill that grinds their flour. Smart and Final did not include it in their response.

In case anyone cares, I divide the 25 pound bags of flour into four pound quantities, stored in one gallon zipper bags, which I save and reuse. Each four pound bag of flour fits our kitchen canister perfectly. We store the remaining bags of flour in the refrigerator or freezer, wherever there is space.