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What to expect switching from 12.7% to 14% protein flour

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What to expect switching from 12.7% to 14% protein flour

Hello All

I have been using King Arthur Bread Flour (12.7%) for many years, but just discovered that my local restaurant store carries King Arthur Sir Lancelot (14%) at a price of $35 for 50 pounds.

What should I expect if I switch from 12.7 to 14 percent flour for yeast and sourdough bread?

Would I need to mix the 14% with 11.7% AP to get similar results?



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If you like 12.7% protein bread flour, why not buy a 25 or 50 pound bag of King Arthur 12.7% protein flour? 

It's labeled "Special Patent".    25lb. #11025 | 50lb. #11050


Sir Lancelot flour is used for (thin crust and NY style) pizzas and for bagels. If your supply store specializes in serving pizzerias, they might not have the Special Patent.  But it's worth asking.  Maybe they didn't know "Special Patent" is the same as the retail channel Bread Flour.

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Thanks for the reply and the info about Special Patent.

But things have suddenly changed. My wife went to Costco this morning and found KA AP in 12 lb bags for $7.99, and KA Bread in 10 lb bags for $7.99.

That is very competitive considering I won't have to deal with 50 lb bags.

As long as Costco continues to handle KA, that seems like a no-brainer.

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I also buy KA AP 12 lb bags from Costco as well, good flour. They were $6.99/bag a few months back but now are up a buck, bummer :). 

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I got a tighter smaller crumb, After more than a dozen bakes using my standard poolish recipe with different percentages I do not use more than 33% of the higher protein.  But there are other factors of course.  In my recent post in General, "Protein more than stated" I'm also not sure how accurate these percentages are.  

Wonner, looking forward to hear what result you get.