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K2 Mill - Flour Recommendation

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K2 Mill - Flour Recommendation

Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post!

I've been searching for a good flour source that's not too far from home, to use for my family's baking needs. I live near Toronto and I just discovered K2 Milling. One day this week I'm going to make the drive up there.

My problem is that they have so many different flours. I'd like to try their Einkorn, their Corn Flour, and perhaps a couple of their wheat flours for breads, pizzas, and baking.

My wife has made a breakfast banana bread countless times with Einkorn flour, but we need a new source, and K2 has it. I'm curious as to what experiences you may have had with K2's flours, and what you thought of them, because they have so many varieties to choose from.

Thanks so much!