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My Foolproof Step by Step Recipe

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My Foolproof Step by Step Recipe

Once we had two very active starters we havent had any issue with this recipe, turns out perfect everytime.  Dozens of neighbors who got loaf gifts agree. 

260g water at 80F

Whisk in 100g of starter*

Fold in 350g of flour (sifted non-bleached white bread flour)

Rest 30 minutes

Add 10g salt, stretch and fold, rest 30 minutes 

Stretch and fold, rest 30 minutes

Stretch and fold, rest 30 minutes 

Stretch and fold, bulk rise at room temp for 60 minutes

Proof in refrigerator 12 - 18 hours 

Rest 2 hours 

Bench rest 30 minutes

Final 1/3 each direction stretch, fold, then shape

Basket seam side up, refrigerate for 2 hours

Heat over 450F with Dutch oven during final hour of the previous step

Turn out loaf onto parchment and score top

Use parchment to put into Dutch over and bake 450F for 30 minutes with lid on

Continue bake with lid off for 15 minutes. 

Let cool 60 minutes. 


* I use starter just before feeding. Typically feed after then back into the fridge until the next time we bake feeding once a week if we ever go a week without baking. If its sitting at room temp we feed once every day.  We let starter get to room temp before using if we just took it out of the fridge.  


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This was one of the very first loafs.