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Oat Porridge Sourdough (Tartine 3 Modified by Chelseasf @ The Fresh Loaf)

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Oat Porridge Sourdough (Tartine 3 Modified by Chelseasf @ The Fresh Loaf)

In planning meals for the week we decided that one night we wanted to just have a nice sandwich for dinner. A request was put in for an oat bread of some kind. Not having a go to recipe for this of course it was time to scour the fresh loaf. I ran across this beautiful post from Chelseasf and decided it was the way to go. I took her recipe and followed it but the hydration was way too high yet again. This is a trend I have seen in the Tartine recipes. I'm not sure how Chelseasf was able to produce such a beautiful loaf of bread. This one was another that got tossed into a loaf pan and baked off. 

I think I also ended up with a slightly over proved loaf as well as temperatures are on the rise and we all know weather will effect the bake. The results aren't bad but I honestly think could be much better. 

In an attempt to make sure that the bread was fully cooked I also ended up with a loaf that was a bit darker than ideal. Next time I will reduce the hydration (by adding in the oatmeal hydration into the overall hydration level). I really should not blindly follow directions and remember that soaker / porridge moisture must be included in the final calculations. 



Tasting Notes: Just a good solid oat bread with a kick of sourdough flavor. Not super sour and the oats shine through. Crust is great but the crumb is a bit like a crumpet (again from the over hydration issue). I think with some adjustments this will be a super solid sandwich loaf. 

Time/Effort: 3 days (Growing Levain, Mixing Dough, Baking) Normal for sourdough for my process.

Would I make it again: Yes, with some adjustments for hydration. This strikes me as a very basic solid bread that will not be the focus of the meal but a good support for other things. Next time I need to do a sandwich loaf I can easily returning to this one. 


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Yes good reminder when baking a new recipe particularly when it may be from another county to reduce the hydration.  You can easily add more water but hard to remove it.  It still looks like it would have been tasty bread despite your issues with hydration and proofing Steven.


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A good looking loaf despite the initial complications, Steven.  I love a good oatmeal porridge bread and this one looks tasty.  The crust might be a bit dark, but I bet it added some nice flavor to the bread!

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I have a difficult time with the hydrations in the Tartine Bread recipes. Maybe it lack of skill and underdevelopment on my part, but I'm a lot happier when I cut back by 5-10%.

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Despite your reported challenges, I think you baked a nice loaf of bread.  The crumb looks nice and airy (although you report it was too damp).  My toaster always fixes my bread short-comings ;-)

I nearly added some flakes to an experimental dough I started yesterday with wheat berries, but was afraid of this exact issue as far as hydration (once I soaked them), especially since it was so humid here yesterday.  I was trying to decide if I could just toast them with some butter and add them dry, but chickened out at the end--tinkering for another day I guess.

Looking forward to your future baking adventures...always interesting!