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First Starter has minimal development!!

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First Starter has minimal development!!

My starter is about a week old and he’s had pretty minimal activity throughout his life. He’s currently being fed whole wheat, bread flour and boiled (cooled) water at 24 hour intervals and is being stored in the oven with the light on due to the cold. I’m pretty new to this and am also dyslexic so I ask that your responses put it as simply as possible! Any advice is welcome!!!

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One week is not overly long when making a starter. It can take relatively quickly, a few days, to as long as two weeks. So do not worry. 

Can you explain a typical feed. How much starter to how much fresh water and flour? What kind of flour? How warm is the oven with the light on? 

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Do you have a thermometer in the oven?  How warm is it?  Stay below 82 deg F.

Don't feed a new starter until it has at least doubled.  New starters need to develop strength before feeding them too much.

What is your recipe for feeding?  100g starter, 100g water, 100g flour?

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Sprinkle the surface of your starter with flour. A thick layer of flour, 1 cm thick.

Leave it alone for 3 days in the oven with the light on.

Then remove the top crust and feed it as usual.

It will rise.