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Biga Fail...

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Biga Fail...

So I decided last night I wanted bread for today, and didn't have "time" to start a levain from my NMNF starter.  Biga! I thought, so I mixed it up with some dry yeast and went to bed.  I got up this morning, and it's flat.  Yeast expired in 2018...should have looked at that.  Apparently I don't use yeast much. In an effort to save the flour (which I have to import and don't want to waste) I mixed some NMNF into some warm water and worked it into the biga.  I'm really hoping this will work.  It'll be kinda like a poolish right?

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If fermentation did not occur (dead yeast) to the dough then it would be like a long autolyze, which should work fine by adding a SD starter.