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flour for enriched bread

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flour for enriched bread

Does anybody have any experience with Costco's Ardent Mills Minnesota Girl Bakers Flour? Up until now I used King Arthur Unbleached for my enriched dough, but it's pricey. Couple of times I used  Harvest King.  But I'am wondering how Costco's Minnesota Girl  would perform with enriched doughs.

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from the page here it looks to be roughly the same protein as an AP (about 12%) so I'd imagine it would work well. 

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Postal Grunt

I regularly buy King Arthur AP flour at a nearby Costco in North Kansas City. It recently went up to $7.19 or so for a 12 lb bag but I don't think that's expensive. I've seen the KAF AP in other Costco stores in other states. Most Costco stores have forms available for members to submit suggestions for merchandise so you might ask for help on that at the customer service desk.

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I buy King Arthur AP flour at a nearby princess Mediterranean food market. It recently went up to $7 or so for a 11 lb. bag