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"Elsässer Bauernbrot" - Alsacian Farmer's Bread

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"Elsässer Bauernbrot" - Alsacian Farmer's Bread

Good times.  Bread baking in the morning and a TIA by early afternoon, back home last night late.  Hell, at least I'm keeping busy. :)

Alsacian farmhouse bread, another one from Brotdoc's "Heimatback Buch."  Especially keyed because of my discovery over the last several months that in addition to a family presence in Alsace, most of my line comes from SW Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Lörrach and Freiburg specifically, traced confidently back to at least the late 1400's.  

I really want to go there and spend some time.  I've fallen in love with the German and Austrian baking community (do you hear that Mini?) and so I hope to make it happen.

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Looks good.  Speedy recovery from the health condition. 


Alsace and Baden are a great part of Europe.  Lots of history, beautiful landscape and the food scene as you have discovered is excellent.  Strasbourg is one of my favorite cities to visit.  Add Geneva and Chamonix to the itinerary if you choose to visit the area. 

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Wow Paul, you’re keeping too busy.  Hope you’re fine after the TIA and now on treatment to prevent further episodes and worse.

In the meantime, that loaf has incredible ovenspring, awesome.