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Vacation with Bertinet

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Vacation with Bertinet

Gourmet magazine just featured "Cooking Vacations" and one of them is with Richard Bertinet in Bath, England..should you be so lucky to be traveling that way or already reside nearby. They described a one day class of 10 people, 5 hours long making ciabatta, braids, fougasse, puff balls, baguettes, stars (I can only guess what puff balls and stars are?) in rye, whole wheat and white flours, baked in home style ovens! Prices $220 for 1 day, $660 for 3 days and $1000 for 5 days, including breakfast and lunch.

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...somthing like pitas, only thinner.  They appear to be baked until they puff up, but then they stay puffed; the idea, I believe, is to fill them with salad.