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Look who likes Florida! WHOA!

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Look who likes Florida! WHOA!

Edited to add : I think my bread is trying to tell me something!!! Huge!!!  Unprecedented! Amazing! Ok enough. No egg wash. I can’t tolerate the smell after having Covid 😩😬. Fragrance and powerful growth . Same flour as I brought it with me as well as the YW so everything is the same. Will bake it probably one more time in 2 weeks. Keep ya posted. 


First picture is YW and flour just the one feeding. 2 nd picture is a “ glop” of YW levain from home and YW and flour just one feeding. They are extremely fresh smelling and huge bubbling. More later. Headed out cycling to the Y via paved bike paths and then swim in the heated saltwater pool. Have to honor priorities! 




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Looking forward to the Florida bakes, hope bringing the Kitchen Aid along wasn't too much of a schlep.


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Glad you made it down to Florida, one of these days when I'm down there we'll have to meet up with Alan.

Enjoy your holiday there.


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No problem getting mixer here. Carried out put in car😊 . Bennie that would be great would need a 1/2 way point! 

wish I callus get pics to stay upright when I reduce size… grrr. It refuses original pics says too many pixels. Oh well. 

A point about YW levains they never fall. I think this was pointed out in another thread but worth repeating. The two levains were just as bubbly and sweet and actually more bubbly when we got back from all our AM fun at noon! They were beautiful at 8 AM and still perfect at noon. They just don’t fall like SD. Peak is peak stays peak. 

10 min under the hook after a 1 hr autolyse with everything together in the bowl. Completely clean bowl and perfect dough. It’s out on the lanai for now with me 😊