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60% whole wheat sandwich bread

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60% whole wheat sandwich bread

I don't post very often anymore, but I'm still out here, still baking, still reading about everyone's beautiful bakes! Hats off to you all!!

I often do a same day bake. I mill my own whole wheat, and the starter/levain goes crazy with that. I have over proofed more often than I care to remember. Now that I have found the sweet spot for proofing time, I haven't wanted to try an overnight refrigerator proof. Maybe this summer ... I could also reduce the amount of starter vs levain and let it go longer, but this timeline works so I haven't fussed with it.

I do like to tinker with ingredients, so the percentage of whole grain varies. This is my current 60% whole wheat bread: 

Whole wheat flour 270 gm (freshly milled hard red winter wheat in this loaf)

AP flour (KAF this loaf) 90 gm

Bread flour (KAF this loaf) 90 gm

Starter/levain 105 gm (100% hydration)

Water 310 gm

Oil 20 gm (softer crust/crumb)

Salt 9 gm

For the starter, I usually build a levain the night before and use that. 

Mix everything and let it fermentolyse 30-45 min, with a round of S&F after 15+ min (timing as life dictates).

Knead in my mini Bosch mixer ~ 12 min. Dough temp at the end of mixing/kneading is usually 80F.

Bulk ferment at 75-78F (in my microwave out of drafts, temp varies slightly). 

Bulk to about 50% increase. Coil folds 2-4 times during bulk. Time from initial mix > fermentolyse > end bulk is usually 5.5 hours. 

Turn out on counter, preshape, rest 15-20 min, shape, pan, and proof. Proof is generally done in 2 to 2.5 hours at 75F.

Preheat oven to 400 F. Lightly spray the inside of my "lid", clip it on to the bread pan, and bake. 400 F for 20 min, reduce oven temp to 350F for 15 min, then remove "lid". Bake an additional 15 min to my preferred crust color and internal temp of 206F. 

We prefer a less crisp crust for sandwiches, so I wrap the loaf in a thin cotton tea towel while it cools on a rack. Photos of my most recent bread below, following the above. We had already cut into it when I took these photos, lol. 




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Thanks for posting the detailed instructions. I love reading how people work. 

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Lovely delicious loaf Mary.  Glad to see that you’re doing well and still baking.  Hope to see you post more of your future bakes to share with us.

Happy Baking


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Very good looking loaf!

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Looks like a nice, light crumb for 60% WW!  Nicely done!