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Full sour dough prepared products for bakery

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Full sour dough prepared products for bakery

Hello everyone. I am in the process of converting all my recipes from commercial yeast to sour dough. I strive to eliminate yeast 100% if possible. That includes breads, rolls, snacks, flour confectionery, viennoiserie, the lot (on the post pic is sourdough tahini pie). The climate here (Eastern Mediterranean) facilitates my endeavours. What needs to be addressed now is how to keep a constant sourdough of the same strength day after day, for bakery operations with no loss to product quality. I am leaning towards keeping 7 sourdoughs, each one 1 day older than the other, using each one in turn on the day it is needed. However I am quite open and curious as to other suggestions and methods by members of the forum. Especially people who have worked with sourdough commercially in a bakery. Thank you.

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I use mine in the morning, refresh it, and put it in the fridge about 4-6 hours later when it is ripe again and hold it in the fridge until the next morning. That works well on our routine; I keep 3.5 gallon bins of it.