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Tip - Butter Pan for crunchy, tasty Crust

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Tip - Butter Pan for crunchy, tasty Crust

Thanks to TrailRunner, aka  Caroline for this excellent tip.

Before putting your dough into a bread pan smear all sides of the pan with butter.
If using a covered Pullman Pan, butter the top also.

Not only does it add a new dimension to the final product, but it makes cleaning almost non-existent. Wipe with paper towel and you are done. I use USA Pans and haven’t ever had any sticking problem.

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it does add a wonderful fragrance and flavor to the bread. All things are better with butter !! If you want another incredible return for very little effort take a stick of cold butter and rub it all over the baking pan before you put on your pizza dough. Hard to believe but that amount makes the bottom crust sensational in flavor and the crispness is truly a lovely surprise for very little butter. I started doing it a year or so ago and haven't looked back.

Reheat pizza in an iron skillet with the fire as low as it will go and cover with a lid.Takes about 20 min but oh my.  Another taste treat. Not only will the bottom crust be even better and crispier but the cheese gets amazingly melty all over again , Watch carefully and use a simmer plate if needed. Don't hurry it....worth every minute. 

Last tip...dry roast mushrooms in a non stick skillet. clean them and dry them then cut up in chunks..not skinny slices. Toss in skillet and let roast on medium heat just a few minutes  they will start to brown on the edges. They are done. You won't believe how the flavor is improved and none of the juice cooks out of them and they are very meaty this way. They keep like this in a covered container in the fridge and are wonderful tossed on everything, 

That's it...c