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Adjusting baking times for smaller loaves

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Adjusting baking times for smaller loaves

Hi all,

Id like to make smaller loaves so I can experiment more with bulk fermentation times, proofing times, temperature etc . In other words, I’d like to take one recipe and divide the dough that typically makes 2 loaves into 4 or 6 pieces, so I can test different variables. But I’m not sure how to adjust cooking times. I assume a smaller loaf will cook faster. Any tips? I usually make a double loaf recipe using 1,000g of flour.  Thanks!!

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Ilya Flyamer

Just bake until it's done :) Yes, the time will be a little shorter, but it also depends on the shape, whether it's baked in a form of some kind, etc. So no hard and fast rule.

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I find checking core baked temperature to be the most reliable way of judging when a loaf's baked.  I aim for between 97c and 99c.