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Tip - Time & Temperature are as important as any ingredient

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Tip - Time & Temperature are as important as any ingredient

Try to include the ambient room temperature when posting a formula or asking for help with a particular bake. Likewise when dealing with starters and/or levains.

Temperature is as important as any ingredient used in your dough. Many recipe instructions omit that. So, if you are told to mix such and such, then ferment for X hours you have a wide set of variables to deal with since the temp is unknown. Commercial bakeries live by temperature. They have schedules to keep. And their environment is controlled. Not so with us home bakers.

When a baker describes their problem bake, it is not possible to accurately ascertain the issue without a ball park estimate of ambient temperature at the time of fermentation. A baker in Canada (cold) and a baker in southern Florida (hot) often have very different circumstances. For example - the same dough fermented at 70F might take 8 hours to ferment, whereas that same dough at 80F could take only 5.

We all know that duration (time) of fermentation is important. For that reason most bakers will include timing in their post.

Try to remember temperature so that you can receive a more helpful reply.