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Making bagels with wild fermented yeast water- Don’t rise at first proof

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Making bagels with wild fermented yeast water- Don’t rise at first proof


so I’ve been experiment by making bagels using wild fermentation- Yeast water that I am fermenting myself. 

I made the first batch and it has risen in the fridge after 48 hours. 

second batch didn’t rise at all after 48 hours and then it rose once at room temperature. 

SO this batch I’m doing right now, I left at room temperature for two hours before bulk fermentation in the fridge in hopes that it would of risen a bit. 
but nothing? Not even after two hours at room temp. 

my question is... is this normal for baking with yeast water?

is my yeast water not “strong”

im trying to find some consistency with it so any advice of baking with yeast water would be great.

thank you! 

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Or do you build a starter with it? For consistency and to build on strength it might help to do a pre-ferment with one or two builds and using it like a biga or poolish. Yes, YW can raise a dough by just adding it as it is but doing it like this will do away with any inconsistencies. 

So first build (taking ideas from Hamelman's Swiss Farmhouse Bread) will be a simple transition of...

  • 50g flour
  • 30g yeast water 

Wait 6-8 hours and you see a good rise. Then onto the second build....

  • 100g flour
  • 60g water
  • 80g first build

Allow that to mature and then use in the final dough by adding the rest of the ingredients. The total 150g flour + 90g liquid has come from the total flour and water within the recipe. 

This is just an off the cuff example on transitioning from yeast water to a biga like pre-ferment. 

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Thank you so much for your response 


I’m definitely going to give this a try today 

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Abe is correct.  Always best to create a levain using the YW and then add that to your flour and other ingredients.  The YW levain will take longer to raise the dough so be patient.

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You must also rise at 80-90 degrees when using YW. I have made many items without making a levain first. You can make a levain with the YW if you choose and then you should also use a portion of the straight YW as part of the regular water in the dough  It isn't really possible to use too much YW. But if you don't give it a temp that is way warmer than what you would use for SD you won't get much if any action. c

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I’ve done he levain and also added it to the main dough in place of the water.  I have to make a new one as I have not used YW in a while.

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So you’re saying yeast water dough need to be in 80/90 degrees to rise ? That would make sense on why it took so long or didn’t at all considering my kitchen is like 73 degrees right now.

Is this when a dough proofer would come in handy?

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I love my Brod and Taylor…