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Rubaud Pain au Levain - No FFs

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Rubaud Pain au Levain - No FFs

Redundant because I've done this bread quite a bit, but a new experience in that I relied solely on the KA, plus the regular accordion folds, for development.   Usually I rely on the KA minimally - to mix roughly for autolyse, then to incorporate the levain and salt just barely before doing hundreds of FF's.  

Lingering heart issues make it difficult to do FF's in the way I used to (at least  for now).  So I thought I'd see it through with just using my humble 4.5 tilt-head with the after-market spiral dough hook.  KA 1 x 4 minutes, KA 2 x 3 minutes, where I checked for what I call "90% windowpane," a habit learned from Hamelman's recommendation to take the dough up to but not all the way in the mixer bowl, finishing development by a fold or two.  I would normally have developed the dough almost completely through FF's and accordion folds in the bulk fermentation bins.

Here, after this KA improved mix, my normal accordion folds:  every 30 minutes x 2 hours, every hour to 4 hours (in this case).  Proof was 1 1/4 hours, surprised me a bit as I expected longer.

What have I learned?  I must craft a way to justify a dedicated "knetemaschine" without getting killed by my wife.

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Looks like good bread to me!  Nice and hearty but with decent crumb.  How are you enjoying your spiral hook?  I've only had mine a few weeks but I am wishing I had known about it makes short work of kneading, at least on my little KA machine.  I'm super happy I bought it...the happiness to cost ratio on that purchase was pretty high ;-). Interesting tip on the 90% windowpane.  I'll have to explore that with my next mix.  

For a less intensive method, I've been curious about this link from the Bread Code baker.  Since it includes 100% WW I wanted to give this a try.  

Hope you get the approval stamp on your knetemaschine...viel Glueck!

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Thanks naturalleigh!  Yep, I'm pretty amazed at the difference.  Totally agree with you - best $ per value I think I've spent in this hobby yet.  Though...have to admit....makes me lust for a real spiral.  Don't tell anyone.

And thanks for the link - haven't watched it yet but the first few seconds nailed me due to that BREAD!  Never knew of the baker and subscribed.  Thanks again.

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And tell her it's impossible to make it by hand.

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Hahahhaha - I do, so I'm screwed, lol.  I get two loaves at a time from my little 4.5 qt KA, and as a family of 3, I can't argue for a higher capacity.  Damn....great idea...... :(


FYI - I have his books but just found a website that has his recipe.  I use Thomas Keller's brioche (in 3 of his books - French Laundry, Bouchon, Ad Hoc at home), which is itself an homage to his friend, the late, god-like chef Jean-Louis Palladin.  It may seems nuts, but it works.  Incredible brioche.

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Very nice bake Paul, glad to hear that you’re also happy with the spiral dough hook.  I’m down in Florida now so I ordered one as well and it arrives tomorrow.  I won’t be able to try it out until at least 4 weeks from now though.  In the meantime I’ll have to get my baking fix watching other TFLers bakes being posted.