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Sourdough crumpets!

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Sourdough crumpets!

I have never had much luck making crumpets. I came across this recipe elsewhere,and decided to give it a try. Success at last!! There used to be 8 (I scaled the recipe down a tad), but two were eaten hot off the pan. The rest have cooled and are frozen.

A few notes of possible interest:

 - He appears to be in Australia, so when the recipe called for bread flour, I thought about it for a minute. I'm not always fond of the chew/texture US bread flour can give some things, but wasn't sure how US AP flour compares to AU bread flour. I decided to split the difference and used half of each (edit, half KAF bread flour, half KAF AP flour). That worked. I might try it with all AP flour next time, just to compare results.

 - He cooks them in egg rings, but we don't own any. While shopping on Amazon to see what my options are, they suggested this nifty little pan. I decided to give it a try. It was perfect, for this recipe and for our eggs this morning too. 

All successful experiment on all fronts. 





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It's so cool to hear that my recipe helped you nail these crumpets! Those holes look amazing.

You were right about my being in AU. I've tried this recipe with different types of flour, and you shouldn't have any problems with AP flour, just be sure to hold back some of the water. I personally prefer a little bit of a chew in my crumpets, but a cakey texture is also nice depending on what toppings you use.

I'd love to hear more about your experience with them--what you think got them working this time, how it goes with AP flour, and what toppings you like to pair them with! :D

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They look awesome! Cheers.

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These look very enticing.  Anything that is a tasty carrier for jam...I'm in!  Happy for you that this try worked for you--always nice when 'experiments' turn out well.  The texture looks great!

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You've got great results there. That pan seems to work very well.

Just a note for anyone lazy like me. I used to stand at the range making pancakes, crepes, crumpets, etc. one or a few at a time in a skillet. It's hot, tiring, and takes a long time to make a bunch.

However, a big electric griddle is great. I can sit down and cook a large batch of crumpets at a time using silicone rings vs being stuck over the hot range making small batches in the kitchen. I also found the heating to be more controlled. I make large batches then freeze them.

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Wow these are so amazing Mary, they look perfect!  Makes me wants to try a crumpet for the first time.