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Basic Gluten Free Sandwich Loaf Recipe Needed

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Basic Gluten Free Sandwich Loaf Recipe Needed

Hi All,

I am new to bread making and have multiple failed attempts at GF sandwich loaf. Even the popular home bakers in the area have failed at providing us with a soft loaf of gluten-free bread.

I am located in Australia and hence finding Bob's red mill GF flour might be tricky and expensive when looking to bake a loaf each week.

May I please request you to share a basic simple gluten-free sandwich loaf recipe that is not dense and tastes yummy?

I would like to start again with some guidance here rather than jumping blindly.

Have searched here for the recipe but all I see is GF Ciabatta, GH F sourdough type bread. 


Thanks a ton!



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Naturally Fermented Buckwheat Bread. No Starter nor binders needed. All you need is organic whole untoasted buckwheat groats and any add-ins you like.

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Welcome to TFL!

Here's a yeasted recipe tested by someone in AU:

(I have not tried it.)

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I've made this and it was quite good!

One thing I learned when making GF products was to use either vegemite (reduce the added salt,tho) or nutritional yeast for a yeasty flavor that GF flours just don't impart. Make sure to get the GF Vegemite!

THIS was one of my early attempts that worked well. I have since learned that the bitterness from the sorghum and millet flour I experienced was not from the flours being rancid but actually from my genetic makeup. There are some individuals (I'm one apparently) that this bitter taste is perceived in certain foods. Same thing occurs with fresh cilantro leaves. Some people think it tastes like soap and some like it. A genetic thing with that,also.

As to GF baking, a good basic GF flour with a good mix of whole grain,starch and a gum helps. I have used small amounts of psyllium instead of the usual xanthan gum. I liked using Teff flour in a small amount to add a nutty flavor.

Some of the sites I like to visit for GF.

So have some delicious GF fun experimenting.