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Pizza Margareta,

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The Roadside Pi...

Pizza Margareta,

 with prosciutto.


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Looks delicious. I love prosciutto!


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I agree with Gavin, your pizza looks delicious Will, I’d love a slice right now.


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Looks fit for a king. I have been making a "Missouri Margerita" with bits of country ham that is cured much like prosciutto. I have also found a local source for reasonable amounts (not 50 lbs.) of All Trumps Flour. I like how well it stretches without tearing but it is a little too chewy for my taste. Keep the pizza coming.


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The Roadside Pi...

I use King Arthur Sir Lancelot. I can get all Trumps bromated in repack quantities. The unbromated, I would have to get a 50lb bag.