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Frisian Rye

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Ilya Flyamer

Frisian Rye

Having source some very coarse rye schrot, I wanted to bake the Frisian Rye bread by hanseata ( that was highly recommended here by someone a few months ago. I still don't have my bread pans, so bought a cheap cake pan. I was aiming for half of the recipe since I just had one pan. I didn't invest the time to measure its volume, and it turned out to be bigger than I expected, so when I tried to fill it with half-sized dough mixture it was way too little. I should have used the whole recipe for just one pan! Still, I just mixed in 50 g whole rye flour, some more seeds, and water to adjust the consistency (and an additional pinch of salt). It was still quite low in the pan, but at least didn't look ridiculous anymore. It came out quite flat because of this. I also forgot to sprinkle sunflower seeds on top :(

Let it rest for more than a day before tasting it just now. Really delicious, very nutty flavour and nicely caramelized crust. Pleasant crumb texture too, well aerated despite the low profile. Really worth repeating in full scale!


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That looks like a very tasty loaf...nice and chewy I bet.  I would not have guessed that the interior would have such good crumb given the formula and the outside shot.  I love this kind of bread (the more seeds the better) and wonder if I could change up the shaping into rolls...?  I'll check out the link you shared.  Super interesting post...glad you had a nice result even without your usual baking implements!

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Ilya Flyamer

Thank you! Yes, I was also pleasantly surprised by the crumb. I guess high hydration helped, the dough is quite liquidy in this recipe.

I don't think rolls would be possible unfortunately - because the dough is almost like a thick batter (the guideline in the recipe is like a thick pancake batter). So no way to shape it into anything other than basically pouring into a pan... Perhaps you could bake it in muffin tins, not sure what would happen :)

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And i'm betting if you had filled the pan fully it would have been spot on. Recipes looks very good. 

If i'm not mistaken this is where the Anglo-Saxons came from and Frisian is the closest language to English. 

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Ilya Flyamer

Thank you Abe! Yes, I will repeat it with a more appropriate amount of dough, it tastes really good! I am a bit surprised about the cold fermentation with rye. Normally warm fermentation is very beneficial. I might try it that way as an alternative too.

Yes, I believe you are right about the language! I had never heard of it even until I learned it was the closest language to English.

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Delicious hearty looking loaf Ilya, nice done.  The fermentation looks spot on, I like the 50:50 rye and whole wheat along with the seeds, must taste really good.


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Ilya Flyamer

Thanks Benny! In my interpretation here it's more rye than wheat because of that little extra rye flour I added. But you are right about the taste!

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Looks so delicious that I started imagining what I'd eat that bread with. Imagining apricot jam and hard cheese for breakfast.

I do wonder if it would be the same at full size.


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Ilya Flyamer

Thank you Jon! It definitely pairs well with cheese (tried already!), and adding something sweet to eat will probably work nicely indeed.

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The Roadside Pi...

Nice! Ilya! Got to love a good Dutch rye bread! 

Please turn your attention to Hollands' North sea coast, Friesland, one of the Netherlands' northern provinces. Alongside world-famous Dutch cheeses like gouda and Edam, there is the signature Frisian Gingerbread. This 100% "quick" rye bread, was oftentimes steamed in a water bath rather than cooked in a dry oven. Here is my interpretation of

 Stanley Ginsberg's formula

Visit The Pie king at the link below for more information and photos.


Good Cooking for the Heart and Soul


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Your crumb looks fluffier than the original :)

Would be nice to have a fluffier crumb after my dense loaves :p 

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Looks great Ilya and like the seed combination!

How coarse is coarse?  Similar maybe to a corn meal?

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Ilya Flyamer

Thanks! I forgot to mention I used chia seeds instead of flax, since that's what I had, btw.

First time using schrot for me, and I was surprised how coarse it was! It was roggenschrot grob, you can find pictures online. It looks like the rye berry is just broken into 2-3 pieces. Not sure how coarse is cornmeal, so can't help you there. But there was a discussion about this recipe, that any coarse grind would be fine!

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The pictures I found look like cracked rye that I have.  Is there any flour in it, or is it all broken grain?