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Friesisches Schwarzbrot - Friesian Rye

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Friesisches Schwarzbrot - Friesian Rye


100 g rye meal

  26 g whole wheat or rye mother starter

200 g water, lukewarm



     all starter

100 g rye meal

100 g whole wheat flour

150 g water, lukewarm



     all intermediate dough

100 g whole wheat flour

    6 g salt

  10 g honey

    8 g molasses

  25 g flaxseeds

  25 g sesame seeds

  25 g sunflower seeds, toasted

  50 g water, lukewarm (or more, as needed)

sunflower seeds for topping



Using a large spoon, stir together all starter ingredients in a bowl. Leave at room temperature, covered with plastic wrap for 4 - 6 hours (or overnight). When the starter has fully developed, use it or refrigerate (take out 2 hrs. before using).


In the morning, using a large spoon (or stand mixer with paddle attachment), mix together all ingredients for intermediate dough until well combined. Cover and ferment at room temperature.

In the evening, using a large spoon (or stand mixer with paddle attachment), mix together all ingredients for final dough, adding lukewarm water until dough has consistency of cake batter. Fill dough (up to 3/4) in lightly oiled medium sandwich loaf pan (9"), smooth with wet rubber spatula, sprinkle with sunflower seeds, cover and refrigerate overnight.

 DAY 3

Remove dough from refrigerator 2 hrs. before using.

Preheat oven to 475 F (with steam pan). Bake bread at 450 F (steaming with 1 cup boiling water) for 15 minutes, remove steam pan, reduce temperature to 375 F and continue baking for another 15 min.. Rotate 180 degrees, and continue baking  for another 20 - 30 minutes (internal temperature 200 F). Mist with water while hot, and let cool on wire rack.

Updated 9/23/13




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Hanseata,  That looks just yummy.  Can't wait to try making this.  Thanks for sharing.

Bernie Piel

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Mini Oven

And looks good too! 

About 1 kilo of dough and low salt.  I'm testing it on my Green Earth clay baker!  I may have to change the baking instructions around, easy smeasy.  Using spelt for whole wheat.

Thank you!

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it's a very sexy bread!

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Your bread looks lovely and will probably taste great, however it is not 'real fries roggebrood' like they make in friesland (Netherlands). Here is a link to my blog with a recipe for dark frysian rye bread;

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Your bread looks quite delicious and I will sure try it. - But I don't think there's just one "authentic" Frisian Rye, because the area Frisia stretches from the North Sea coast of the Netherlands (West Frisia) to Germany (East Frisia). I found the original version of this recipe via internet posted by somebody from East Frisia, but I just googled "Friesisches Schwarzbrot" again and found several different recipes, all with different amounts of rye, rye meal, wheat, seeds and what not.

So let's enjoy all the variations there are - unless the recipe is a joke (East Frisians are the object of many jokes about people somewhat slow in the uptake - "how many East Frisians does it take to change a light bulb...").




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I wouldn't wish to get involved in a discussion about which is the "real" Frisian bread.

Personally hanseata's is of greater interest to me, since it involves leavening through the use of a naturally fermenting rye culture.



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That was what prompted me to choose this recipe above others I looked at to work on. I also found it interesting that the dough is simply filled into the loaf pan like cake dough without any attempt of shaping.

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Mini Oven

I'm getting very lazy at kneading! 

It is also interesting to see these recipes pop up. 

Is the round shape of the loaf from a rounded bottom pan?


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I lived in the Rhein Pfalz and Hesse but used to get bread like this at the local bakeries.  I haven't had a recipe for it.   I don't have time until the day before Thanksgiving but I know what I am making then.  Danke sehr!  Es sieht wohlschmeckend aus!

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Frohe Weinachten Karen.  I made this last night.  It was delicious.   Part of the fun was having to make my own starter, which worked (to my surprise.)  The bread tasted wonderful but didn't look so great, I had the dough ready to go and discovered that all of my loaf pans were missing, gone, taken by zombies, something.  So I made it in a straight sided Dutch Oven.  It worked.  A weird shape to it and the bottom was not as crusty as one could wish as I couldn't get it out and onto the stone as directed, but the taste was delightful.  It looked somewhat like the marriage of Irish Soda Bread and Friesisches Schwarzbrot.  Thanks for posting the recipe.  I'll be making it again.  But first, I'll be finding (or buying) a loaf pan.  

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und einen Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!

I'm happy that you like the bread, Yundah - and no matter what the shape - taste rules.