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Ammerlander Schwarzbrot (Germany) - The Rye Baker

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Ammerlander Schwarzbrot (Germany) - The Rye Baker

Ammerland Black Bread   Ammerlander Schwarzbrot (Germany)

The Rye Baker by Stanley Ginsberg

I baked this bread mid-Dec and haven't had a chance to post. 

This bread is a nice heavy and crunchy loaf. I think I baked it a little too long which made it a tad dry but I wanted to be sure it was not gummy.

Tasting Notes:

The crumb was nice and crunchy due to the rough grind by my vitamix of the rye and wheat berries but it had a nice sour/dairy flavor combined with the wheat flavor.  The crust was quite crunchy as I indicated but tasted toasty and slightly resinous. Overall the grain character of the loaf was quite complex.  This will definetly go into my 'bread rotation'.

Recipe and process are below for those interested.






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That is a hearty delicious looking loaf Tony, beautiful colour on the crust.  


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It is indeed hearty, Thanks Benny



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That looks like a meal in itself. 

I gotta try a bread with inclusions like this... lots of proteins in seeds. I still think of bread mostly as something to put cheese or meat or hummus on,

This bread really becomes the main attraction.