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Muffuletta Sandwich

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Muffuletta Sandwich

Hello, bread club members and guests. Today (New Years' Eve 2022) I will endeavor a two-part project.

First, I shall bake a semolina Italian bread, typical of what can be found on the Island of Sicily. The inspiration for this bake comes from Inumeridieri's recent bake of Mafalda bread.

 Secondly I will use the Mafalda bread to recreate the muffuletta sandwich. A New Orleans classic created by Sicilian Italian emigrants. Now let us dust off the old blog page, and put up some new window dressing! Thanks for reading I hope you will drop by to check out the results soon! 

Link to Blog post

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Will, have you eaten a New Orleans Muffuletta?

What are you using for the Olive Salad?

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Just reading your post reminds me of my first muffuletta from the Central Grocery in NO!  I loved it so much, I stopped by on the way to the airport to grab another for my flight home!

Definitely keep us in the loop.....especially on the olive salad Dan asked about.....that's critical! :)


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The Roadside Pi...

Guys, can I ask that we move the discussion to my blog post? Thanks a whole lot!