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Eric's NY deli rye via Benny, yet another one

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Eric's NY deli rye via Benny, yet another one

It seems to be a fashion here, but it was my turn to try out Benny's version of Eric's rye.

The taste was very mild, even though I used wholemeal rye flour. I think that perhaps my rye sour wasn't sour enough - started with a very sour 50g of rye starter so thought that 4 hours of 27 deg C would be enough to get a rye sour, it sure smelt sour but obviously needed more time to develop a stronger sour taste.

Texture was lovely, very soft and just like I'd expect for a deli loaf.

Next time I'll try adding Caroline's "trio" of EVOO/buttermilk/honey to it, and will be sure to use the raisin YW too. Might even consider some malt then. I'm not used to instant yeast, forgot to degas the dough prior to shaping!

The separate gluten development process is a winner. Had my doubts at first when the mixer got stuck into it, but old lady Kenwood eventually managed to produce a beautiful supple dough.

Oven spring surprised me! Think I should have scored horizontally across the loaves instead of at an angle.

I'm a beginner when it comes to corn starch glaze. I painted it on 10 minutes before the end of the bake, at least I thought it was 10 minutes before but the bake needed to go longer and so repeated again. It seems Benny paints it on after the loaf comes out the oven though?

I like the winebottle couche idea, even though it is a little dangerous in that there was a bottle or two of unopened wine left out there on the counter just begging to be opened.

Winebottle couch, ready for drinking



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Looks delicious, Jon!  Yes, corn starch glaze goes on after baking......though I have skipped this step since the first time I made this. :)  You might need to experiment with some different wine varietals to get the flavor you want! ;)


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Don’t often see that here in the States.  Takes me back to my days in ZA.  If ever there was a wine to go with a nursery rhyme, it's Pinotage and this little ditty:

There was a little girl

Who had a little curl

Right in the middle of her forehead 

When she was good

She was very, very good

But when she was bad she was horrid

Sorry for the wine sidetrack; the bread is lovely, too.  Nicely done!


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Another lovely bake Jon.  All of a sudden Eric’s rye is having a renaissance of sorts, it is nice to see.  The crumb looks perfect and I see a nice shine to the crust.  Yes when I baked this I applied the cornstarch glaze after the bread came out of the oven.


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Looks good Jon, and the glaze looks like it worked.  Crumb looks perfect for a good deli loaf!

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Amazing version!!

Be aware that the additions of holy my trio is 75g per item based on a 1 loaf formula so I used 2x that for my two huge loaves. This formula definitely doesn’t need any diastatic malt.. whew it gets very brown. Make sure and lower temps if using my version. The sugars and fats will crisp it plenty. 

I rise in cloth lined banneton no need for couche… drink wine sooner 😊 these are huge loaves be prepared! 

I sliced and froze and went camping for three days to see meteors. The bread was amazing toasted and kept perfectly. Very soft crumb and really dark crisp crusts.