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72nd bake. 12/06/2021. SOTSOT in a clay pot, #3.

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72nd bake. 12/06/2021. SOTSOT in a clay pot, #3.

Dec. 6, 2021.  72nd bake.

The previous batch of these muffins, #71, came out pretty good. So I scaled it up to four pots from three. And made some slight adjustments, including adding 60 grams of whole rye flour.


  • 20.5 g old-fashioned rolled oats, the thick kind. 
  • 19.9 g quick oats, not instant. 
  • 16.9 g whole dry chia seeds. 
  • 8.6 g whole dry poppy seeds. 
  • 20.8 g corn meal. 
  • 28.2 g shredded coconut, unsweetened. 
  • 1 tsp whole fennel seeds, 2.1 grams. 
  • 270 g water @ room temperature. 
  • added after 20 minutes
  • 70 g honey. 
  • 50 g water, room temp. 
  • 25.4 g powdered fat-free milk. 

Dry ingredients:

  • 50 g Sher Brar Fiber Wala whole grain durum flour, roller milled. 
  • 110 g Bob's Red Mill stone-ground WW flour. 
  • 50 g Arrowhead Mill's organic AP flour. 
  • 40 g almond flour, blanched. 
  • 60 g whole grain rye flour from Lithuania, Malsena brand. 
  • 6.6 g salt. 
  • 2 tsp pumpkin-pie spice, Kroger brand. 
  • 1 tsp ground ginger. 
  • 3 tsp baking powder, Rumsford brand. 


  • 133 g water. 
  • 17 g peanut oil. 
  • 13 g grape seed oil. 
  • 16 g regular olive oil.

Pre-oiled the 4" diameter clay pots. Pre-heated oven to 350 F. Did not pre-heat the pots.

Baked at 350 F for 62 minutes, pots sitting on aluminum foil, shiny side up, until tops seemed brown enough and a knife inserted in the test muffin did not come out gooey.




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I did a quick calorie count of this batter, and came up with ~2,400 calories.  600 cal per muffin.

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Oh my goodness, that’s a lot of calories.

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divide it into smaller muffins. :-)

With approximately 423 grams "dry carb" main ingredients, plus 70 g honey, plus 46 g oil, plus water, it's more  reasonable to divide it into 12 portions, of ~ 35 grams of dry carbs each. 

Flour and oats are about 3.5 calories/gram. Plus the oily/fatty shredded coconut and almond flour are about 7 cal/gram. 

I was mainly looking for something to bake in these clay pots.  It did take me about   3 meals, or a day's worth of snacking to polish off one giant muffin.