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Malt Inquiry

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Malt Inquiry

I would like to make my own Barley Malt Powder at home. Can i use naked or pearl barley? i can’t find whole barley kernels at local market.


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Welcome to TFL!

To "malt" barley means to let it germinate or sprout.  You would need the whole kernal.

If you are in the US, you could buy malted barley grains (the whole kernal, but already malted) at a beer-making supply store.  They might also have whole raw unmalted kernals.

What country and city are you in?

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Pearled barley can't germinate.

Hulled barley is damaged too much in the process. Some may germinate but not enough.

Naked barley is a variety where the hull is very loose and falls off without damaging the grain. It can germinate.

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It might taste a bit different than barley, but you can malt similar grains such as wheat and rye, if you can find them in the whole kernal.

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