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Using starter for bokashi

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Janet Yang

Using starter for bokashi

Have you used starter discard as an inoculant for bokashi?

Bokashi is a method of preparing food scraps for composting. Unlike regular composting, it can process dairy, meat, and bones. 

The only catch is, you have to add “Effective Microorganisms” to the food scraps. You can buy them (of course), but as the list of EMs includes lactic acid bacteria and yeasts, wouldn’t sourdough starter do the job?


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There is a huge variety of yeasts and bacteria. I would think the very nature of a sourdough starter is only yeasts and bacteria that are able to propagate a starter will do so. So while there is a big variety within starters they won't be a good home for all species. They are geared for carbohydrates in particular grains and I believe pulses as well. But meat and bones I wouldn't have thought so. Dairy might be a possibility. That is just a guess mind you.