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69th bake. 11/17/2021. WW red + WW durum.

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69th bake. 11/17/2021. WW red + WW durum.

Nov. 17, 2021. 69th bake.

Continuing along the lines of the last several bakes, this was about 300 grams of BRM WW red wheat and about 100 grams of Patel stone-ground WW durum.

Tweaks: Full 2% salt this time. No milk. 1 hr autolyse with salt. All sourdough this time, 41 grams, no commercial yeast.  1 tsp of ground-toasted bread spice*, plus another 1/2 tsp of whole caraway. 10 grams whole chia seed pre-soaked in 40 grams water.  

Did 100 folds of "kneading in the air" prior to some stretch-and-folds during bulk.

Used about 5% PFF instead of my normal 3.5% and it over-fermented on me. And it was a tad too wet.  

But taste, after 22 hours after baking, was great.


My bread spice recipe is from Hanseata:  2 parts (by volume) whole coriander, 1 part whole fennel, 1 part whole caraway. Toast it in a dry fry pan until fragrant, let cool, then grind in a spice/coffee grinder.