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feedback on sourdough

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feedback on sourdough

Hi Guys

I am asking for feedback on my sourdough loaf. This is my second time making it. it tastes nice with lots of large holes but it seems that the crumb cell looks translucent, maybe a little gummy. is this right for sourdough? what causes this to happen?

I did autolyse for 1 hour

I did the bulk fermentation for 6 hours with 4 hours of stretch and folds. overnight proof before baking.


100g active starter 

400g bread flour

100g wholemeal bread flour

10g salt

370g water

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Dave Cee

I for one like the translucent ,"custardy" you have pictures?

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Sourdough crumb takes awhile to set after baking. After baking I leave mine out for hours before slicing or bagging and freezing.