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I had an unfortunate accident do to my own negligence.

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The Roadside Pi...

I had an unfortunate accident do to my own negligence.

What was to be an epic 1,600g boule turned into a bean!

 Oh boy!

I screwed the pooch big time! So, I never preheat the sheet pan, today I did. Anyway, the boule looked so freaking good! Tight as a drum! The scoring was very good. Then I lifted the scored loaf onto the hot pan on parchment paper, it worked a treat. The Schmuck that I am, I tried to load the pan into the oven with bare hands. Well, the pan and bread hit the oven door. Somehow the glass did not break and the bread survived. No longer round, now kidney-shaped! Wondering if I will be able to work next work, do service requests next week. The only thing that is saving me I think, is my fingers and hands are very callused. One spot at the side of my middle finger near the knuckle is the worst. I guess my baking fun is cut short. 

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Could have been far worse...

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Mini Oven

cut a leaf off. Not too mature but not too young either. Stip off the outer skin and get the inside clear gel on your burns.  I keep the plant around just for the purpose of burns. Best emergency treatment I know.  Let the clear gel dry on the skin and add a second application if you still feel burning.  It cools and helps tremendously.  Even if you now have blisters forming, squeeze some of that egg white type aloe goop on it.  

I don't know how it works but if used soon enough, blisters are reduced.  I think it opens pores to prevent the separation of skin layers, equalize osmotic pressure or something.  Especially get those red tender parts on the edge of your callouses.  Also great for sunburns.

So this is how you relax on holiday.  Interesting.  I don't think I will repeat your trick, yet I do wonder how many times it can be done before the door glass cracks.

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That’s horrible! I feel your pain. I once grabbed a hot pot lid with my bare hand and spent the rest of Xmas dinner holding an ice pack. I know it’s not recommended, but the only thing that takes away the pain for me is an ice pack. Hope your poor hands feel better soon.