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Little help - bigger holes

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Little help - bigger holes

I usually make  the Saturday white bread from Ken Forkish's book. I know boring but that's what the family likes. I see many pictures where fellow bread makers have results with bigger holes in their final loafs, I get holes but not as big.

What steps can I add to get bigger holes in my final loaf?

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The digital book "Open Crumb Mastery" 2ns Edition by Trevor J Wilson is well worth the modest cost. It's the best for open crumb. I personally don't like large holes else the butter and honey drops through :) 

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I'll second the recommendation to purchase and read Trevor Wilson's book.

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Roger Lambert

Try using at least 70% hydration. Put the dough "after" the 1st rise on cling wrap with a lot of flour.  Time  for 30 minutes.  Have a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  After 30 minutes and using the cling wrap, flip the dough over onto the cookie sheet upside down.  With your fingers,  dimple the dough almost to the bottom and then bake.  It works for me. 

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Here's the link to the above-mentioned book:

Here is his (Trevor Wilson's) u toob channel:


Another good video instructor for open crumb bread is Kristen Dennis:

Bon appétit.

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Happy accidents?

What I did different.

Proofed dough in warmer than usual area (kitchen while daughter was cooking).

Did not preheat the dutch oven as long. Closer to 15 minutes when 45 is called for.

Caused much more oven spring, flaky yet chewy crust.

I use active dry yeast,not a big fan of sourdough. I know a lot of purist will frown on this but I'm not an artisan bread baker i make what my family likes.

Strangely, today I found a couple articles on what causes large holes aimed at bakers trying to reduce the holes. Two causes mentioned were too warm of a proof and not hot enough oven. Now can I reproduce my results!

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Warmer proofing was the answer. That's where you control the hole. Enjoy! 

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Diastatic malt can boost hole size a lot. Try 2%