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100% rye bread

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100% rye bread


Has anyone here tried making a 100% rye bread, like the German variety?
I was wondering if i could use a wholemeal rye flour (bran & germ included. Just can't see kernels) rather than using a blend of pumpernickel and white rye as suggested by Peter Reinhart (BBA).

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Lately I've been doing this one, and I have to say I really love it:

I use gross rye meal (it looks more like bran than flour), thus I have to increase the amount of water a bit.

Just rye, water and salt, nothing else. The only extra I add is a hot soaker made with some rye meal and boiled water kept in a jar of glass. When it's cold I add it to the ferment before doing the final dough and mix it well; it adds some more sweetness to the taste of the bread.

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Mini Oven

It was about 95% rye and a very wet dough.   Simply Rye starter, water, fine whole rye flour, salt, spices and wee bit of bread flour.   Mixed gently and very goopy.


Baked in a small deep cast frying pan.  This turned out to be rather fluffy for a high % rye.  While it was baking, it rose more like a cake with the outside edges rising first and then eventually the middle.  Taste.... excellent!


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Marvellous, Mini!

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Lovely, Mini.  Congrats.  Wish I had a slice right now.